Teaching music is very close to my heart. I gave my first music lesson 25 years ago, and my first student has since become a dear musical colleague of mine. That was when I felt the exhilarating joy of passing on something I love so much to someone else. To this day I can hardly exist without my students. I had only had a couple of students, until I collaborated with a rural music academy. Later on (thanks to a major concert) I was invited to be an instructor at the Weiner Conservatorium in Budapest. I am proud to say that during my time there Alföldy Boruss Eszter, an instructor at the Graz Academy, attended one of my classes and left me with encouraging words of approval. All the while I had been giving private lessons, and began teaching jazz, improvisation, and baroque styles in addition to classics. Perhaps thanks to grateful students, perhaps due to the successful performance in 2007, I was invited to teach the Classical Major Subject course at on the Jazz department of Ferenc Liszt Musical Academy, which proved as a great honor as well as challenge to me.
Alongside instructing at secondary schools and universities, I invariable teach beginners, amateurs, and adults. I find nothing to be more beautiful than when an information technologist, a doctor or perhaps a banker decides to learn to play an instrument as a relaxing pastime. I have great respect for these individuals contacting me with such requests. In my opinion, these types of things are what truly make the world a better place.