Who are the participants of the masterclass?2017-07-02T09:51:18+02:00

Primary and secondary music school students, conservatory and musical academy students, professors looking to perfect their skills, self-taught musicians as well as all those who want to spend a nice holiday filled with music.
There is no age limit. However, the organizer cannot take the responsibility for children and youth under age of 18.

Where do we stay in Modra?2017-07-02T09:53:26+02:00

You can stay in proposed 3✶ hotel or you can book your accommodation directly in other hotels

What are the ways of payment?2017-07-02T09:54:00+02:00

Payments are to be made by:
– postal money order
– via bank transfer to the following account:


1. Where is Modra located and how to get there?2017-07-02T09:54:29+02:00

Modra is located in Slovakia approx. 25 km north of Bratislava. You can reach the city by car or bus.

Arrival to Bratislava (by train or plane): you can take a bus from Bratislava Bus station (or by taxi).
Arrival to Vienna by plain: you can take a bus directly from the airport to Bratislava Bus station and then to continue to Modra by bus from (or by taxi).

You can find more information on Modra here. (tu bude preklik na: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modra)

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